Shared Agreements

Thank you for taking the time to read the following guidelines, which allow us to build a community of shared intention, warmth and courageous learning.  These shared agreements were inspired by Lindsay Mack, team Wild Soul and her Tarot for the Wind Soul course.


These courses and offerings are personal pilgrimages.  In this case, you are making a journey into yourself as you explore, deepen and enrich your relationship with your business and your employees. These personal pilgrimage courses are dedicated to serving as a supportive space for sitting in your own knowing, asking questions of yourself, and learning best practices in the industry. I am honored to be your guide on this journey – but the path you walk through this material (and how you walk it) is all your own.


If you desire to take part in one of our course offerings, these are the boundaries and structures that we ask each student to adhere to:

Personal Responsibility with Self and the Material. We expect students to be able to hold themselves in this work, to be able to stand on their own two feet with a sturdy backbone. If you are unable to do this, or are in a season of your life where this doesn’t feel accessible to you, this course may not be for you. 

Personal Responsibility with Self Tending and Care. We encourage you to seek out a processor or supportive space as you move through the material, should you find that it is bringing up big feelings. The course spaces are not therapeutic process spaces, and should not be used as such. 

Autonomy and Critical Thinking. In these courses, and with Candice’s work, there is a big emphasis on critical thinking and personal responsibility. You are your own teacher, and you are expected to utilize your critical thinking and common sense in this class. Take what works for you and leave what doesn’t. Check what I say against your truth and go with what you sense is the right path on the journey for you – just like you would with any space holder, guide, or teacher. 

Integrity. You may not claim that the materials provided in this course are yours without credit to where you learned and received them. Do not lift the material and teach it as your own. Please do not share this material with anyone who has not invested in it. Thank you so much for helping to keep the ethics and integrity high. It is appreciated beyond expression.

Respond, rather than React. We at Team Fortress and Flourish strive to provide the most heart centered, honest, humble experience for our students. We expect and ask the same from you. Sometimes material can trigger us and can feel big, and within our discomfort, we can have an impulse to react. This is an educational course. This is a training ground for you to learn how to navigate discomfort and resource yourself accordingly. If you have words to share, we ask that you hold them for 24-48 hours, pausing and asking, “Is this mine? Is this something I'm activated by, but does not actually cause harm?  This is not an attempt to tone police anyone, or bypass your experience. Righteous anger is sacred and important, and we are always available to examine where we can recenter and publicly acknowledge where we have caused harm. 


Team Fortress and Flourish will be there to assist and support any student with technical or administrative needs.  If you have questions, please streamline all communication and questions to us at [email protected]


This course is held in a container of respect and confidentiality. Everything you share in the Facebook group or course comments remains confidential between you, me and the course participants. By participating, you agree to hold course materials and participant communications confidential. 


It is my priority and commitment that this course be a supportive and inclusive space for all participants, especially those BIPOC, LGBTQI2-S folx, and other systemically and/or historically marginalized folx. This intention of support and inclusivity encompasses not only the classes, worksheets, and bonus materials for the course, but the Live Q&A’s and chat boxes within those calls. 

Any kind of intolerance will not be permitted. 

We are different people occupying the same space, and I encourage everyone to be intentional with their language. I ask for everyone’s respect for one another. 

Harmful language will not be permitted.  I am here to hold a space of firm and clear allyship, and one that will be welcoming for anyone, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, class and identity. If any aspect of the course material or interactions with other students feels uninclusive, or in some way harmful, please email us at [email protected].

We will receive feedback, publicly acknowledge our mistakes, make changes for future courses or privately speak to anyone who may be infringing on our shared group agreements.

If any of these things are being violated, please contact us at [email protected], and it will be addressed immediately. Your experience will be honored and respected. 


With the deepest respect, honoring and acknowledging that this course was created on the unceded land of Amma Mutsen Tribal Band (currently called Santa Cruz, CA).